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Interview about editing

There is a double interview published about fellow editor Bart van den Broek and me in the digital magazine ‘In Beeld’.

The article can be read here:




I’m working on an episode of a new drama serie called Icarus directed by Remy Heugten and produced by Pupkin Film.

This new six-part series for the NTR will be aired later this year on NPO2.


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In blue

The feature film IN BLUE is currently in production, which largely takes place in Romania. It’s the new film by Jaap van Heusden (Win / Win, The New World)

Short Synopsis:
When a powerful stewardess should help to bear a child during a flight, she starts to get out of balance. In the emotional aftermath, she meets a boy who lives in the tunnels beneath Bucharest and becomes embroiled in an embarrassing mother / lover relationship with him.

The main role of hostess Lin is played by Maria Kraakman (Golden Calf winner ‘Guernsey’ Golden Calf Nomination ‘Schneider vs. Bax), the young Romanian Nicu will be played by Bogdan Iancu.

Paradiso Filmed Entertainment will bring In Blue into the theaters in early 2017.

in blue


Together with Bas Icke I’ve been busy the last few months to edit the feature film Sneekweek.

This film by Martijn Heijne hits the cinema from January 21, 2016!

Kasper and the Christmas Angels

AVRO TROS will broadcast the new adventure series Kasper and the Christmas Angels starting daily from the 6th of November on NPO Zapp. I have done the editing of this 20 x 10 minute episodes.

Between Santa Claus and Christmas it will be shown daily for the whole family. Among others Horace Cohen, Wendell Jaspers, Rene van ‘t Hof, Juul Friday and Marc-Marie Huijbregts play a role in Kasper and the Christmas Angels.

Kasper and the Christmas Angels is about Kasper (Sem Hulsmann) who wants to be an astronaut to make deep space travel. But, before the time is up, he must still practice a lot and of course grow up. What especially bothers him now is that he had to move from the city to a mill in the countryside.

While the rest of the family begins with great enthusiasm to their new lives, Kasper finds it all just stupid. It is for him a lot more fun when he meets two odd types: Ava (Demian Henkes) and Zazu (Noah de Nooij). It soon becomes apparent that it is not just oddities; they are angels! The two are lost and crashed on earth. Despite their magical powers they need help to be able to return home. Kasper will be delighted to help!

Director: Anielle Webster

© NL Film en TV / AVROTROS
© NL Film en TV / AVROTROS

Monkey Business (3D)

In the fall of 2014, I will be busy with the first Dutch family feature in 3D entitled Monkey business. Together with Bas Icke  I will edit this film.


The nine year old Wim dreams of going to school. But he lives in the orphanage. Together with the other children of the orphanage he is exploited and has to work hard every day in an illegal broom factory in the basement of the orphanage. The children eagerly await the introduction of the Education Act that children aged six to twelve years required to go to school. If Wim escapes, Jet makes sure he can hide on their farm. It is the start of a race against the clock full of exciting adventures, mischief and new friendships, with Wim especially when he must try to stay out of the hands of the director of the orphanage.

In the summer of 2015, this film will be shown in Dutch cinemas in 2D and 3D.

Bianca Krijgsman wins Emmy award

Bianca Krijgsman has won the International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress for her role in The new world.
In The New World, she plays the role of housekeeper Mirte, who works at the application center for asylum seekers at Schiphol Airport. She comes in contact with an applicant who makes her life different.

This is the latest in a long series of awards and nominations in all continents for the film. In Mexico The New World won at the International Film Festival de Monterrey two awards for Best International Feature Fiction Film (Cabrito de Plata) and the Audience Award. In Mannheim it got the special jury award and in Braunschweig it won the second prize. In Melbourne the telemovie was runner up in the Telescope Competition, it was awarded the Washington Signis Award and the Prix Europe in 2013 it won the third prize. Furthermore, “The New World” was selected for the Golden Calf-competition of the Dutch Film Festival, the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival in Japan, the Warsaw Film Festival, the Sichuan TV Festival in China and the Anchorage International Film Festival in Alaska. At the end of this month, the film will be shown at FEST14, the 42nd International Film Festival in Belgrade.

The new world is still on demand for free in The Netherlands here:



Awards for Kenau

Kenau has again won some awards.

The film of Maarten Treurniet won four awards during the Belgian Festival International du Film Historique, including best film.
Earlier Kenau was awarded with the audience award at the Stony Brook Festival in New York.

Leading lady Monic Hendrickx got the award for best actress in Waterloo. Treurniet was invited three times on stage for also recieving the Young Jury Award and the European Young Jury Award.

© Waterloo TV-Belgique
© Waterloo TV-Belgique

New Neighbours

Together with my collegeau Bas Icke I will be responsible for the editing of 5 episodes each of a thriller/drama series for RTL based on the bestseller by Saskia Noort.

The series will be directed by Bobby Boermans and Mark de Cloe and will be broadcasted by the end of 2014 on RTL 4.

Peter (Daan Schuurmans) and Eva (Bracha van Doesburg) a nice young couple, expecting their first child, buy a house in a suburbian village. Before they get to move into their new home, they loose their baby girl. Eva has a hard tiime coping with her los. Peter has mixed feelings. The baby wasn’t his to begin with. He’s infertile and hopes the chapter of having children has now come to an end. Then they meet their new neighbours Rebecca (Katja Schuurman) and Steven (Thijs Römer), a carefree outgoing couple, that helps them forget their pain. But are they really who they say they are?

Kenau & Tuscany wedding

The trailers for the two feature films Tuscany wedding and Kenau are online!

I edited these films together with Bas Icke this year.


From 6 March 2014 in Dutch theatres!



From 30 Januari 2014 in Dutch theatres!